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HIT COUNTER kittensz
This is my 365 for 2011! * most pictures are added a few days, weeks, even months later. Bare with me kittens :)

DAY ONE HUNDRED-SIXTY-SIX/365: lyssa came over again before conditioning. she fell asleep when i woke u after falling alseep on her LOLOL
DAY ONE HUNDRED-SIXTY-FIVE/365: lyssa came over in zee AM. i went to my gpas with my fam and he had a kitty cat! my lil bro was playing with it hahah
DAY ONE HUNDRED-SIXTY-ONE/365: hung out with my sis, kimo and stephanie. they hot boxed in the car and i took a picture of this bcos i thot it was really funny. weed on a paper typa bible saying “why do people do bad things?” LOLOL
DAY ONE HUNDRED-SIXTY/365: i busted a fat mission with bree that day. we went to visit ally at her house and rae was there. but she kicked us out, so we went to kirstens so that we could just leave it somewhere. & then we went to PH skatepark to workout and thats my arm. i have a nasty arm. it bruises easily LOL this has been on my arm for like at least a week x)
DAY ONE HUNDRED-FIFTY-NINE/365: i made spam masubi bcos i was hungry :)